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When you’re here, your comfort is our #1 priority. Our process is simple – we take the time to get to know you, only recommend treatments we’d recommend to our own families, and partner up to achieve your family’s smile goals.

Your Dental Care Partners

We hope you’ll enjoy getting to know our team as much we love getting to know you.

Teamwork makes the dream work. At McNeely and Mallette Family Dental Group, our dentists in Charlotte, Harrisburg, and Concord, NC…Change page to home page… take a collaborative approach to bring you better solutions for general, cosmetic, and restorative care.

After getting to know your unique needs, we pair you with the best treatment options. You’ll never feel judged or pressured, rather informed, as we explain how our modern technology and state-of-the-art techniques can help you reach your family’s smile goals.

Whether it’s preventative dentistry, fixing a damaged tooth, or planning a full smile makeover, we’re here for you. Our team of professionals includes:

  • Dr. Brian McNeely
  • Dr. Justin Mallette
  • Dr. Kyle Viloria
  • Dr. Brooke Dolin
  • Dr. Megan Mazzarella
  • Dr. Christina Klug

You deserve a break, and we look forward to making your family’s dentist visits easier each time!

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Our Patient Family

When you visit McNeely and Mallette Family Dental Group, you quickly become part of our family. We genuinely care about you and will only recommend treatments we’d give to our own families.

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Comfort Comes First

Enjoy stress-free dental visits at our comfortable office. Cozy blankets, TVs in the treatment rooms, and modern technology create a more relaxing experience for your family. Plus, we’re a judgment-free office with your best interests at heart.

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Understand Your Smile

No two smiles are alike, which is why we complete comprehensive exams, take innovative scans, and make time to get to know you and your goals. Customized treatment plans work better and feel better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Animal Assisted Intervention and ATKINS

Meet ATKINS, our therapy dog
ATKINS posing with our dentist
ATKINS sitting on a patient's lap
ATKINS sitting on a patient's lap
ATKINS sleeping on a patient's lap
  • How is ATKINS, Rehabilitative Facility Dog, benefiting our patients?
    Research has shown that 30 to 40 million Americans avoid the dentist entirely because of dental anxiety.  The number is even larger if you consider all those who are able to go to the dentist but then experience some degree of anxiety during their dental visits. At McNeely and Mallette Family Dental Group, we are always looking for new, innovative ways to ensure that our dental patients, adults and children, have the best dental experience possible! We are working together with the non- profit organization, paws4people® foundation, to bring Animal Assisted Intervention to our dental practice, utilizing a highly trained Facility Dog, ATKINS. Animal Assisted Intervention is proven to lower heart rate, reduce blood pressure and mitigate the symptoms of anxiety in general.

    ATKINS assists with new-patient exams, dental hygiene appointments, and restorative appointments, enabling full treatment plans to be completed. Anxious patients begin to schedule preventive care for the first time in their lives. ATKINS has assisted patients who have dental anxiety but come to the dentist on a regular basis as well as with patients who simply love dogs; AAI makes their dental visits more enjoyable. Pediatric patients love her! ATKINS walks them back to the dental chair, and she will model how to have their teeth examined. She jumps up in the chair, gets her own patient napkin and has her teeth checked with a mirror. At the end of the appointment ATKINS loves to show off some of her fun commands like fist bump, turn, wave and roll! She even has a special basket that she uses to bring them their toothbrush.

  • What is ATKINS’ background and training?
    ATKINS is a yellow Labrador Retriever who was raised and trained by the paws4people®  foundation. ATKINS began her training when she was only a few weeks old. She knows over 100 commands and has been specifically trained to mitigate dental anxiety for adult and pediatric patients. Please visit paws4people.org…Click to open link in a new tab…  to learn more about the training of their Assistance Dogs and Facility Dogs.
  • How do I schedule myself or my child with ATKINS?
    Let our team know that you would like to schedule your appointment on a day that ATKINS is working. You will definitely be able to spend time with her but we do, however, triage where her assistance is needed the most throughout the day. Each patient isn’t guaranteed that ATKINS will be with them during their entire appointment.
  • Who owns ATKINS and where does ATKINS’ live?
    ATKINS lives with her Primary Handler, Barbara Kucera, a dental hygienist, and goes home with her at the end of the day. She spends evenings and weekends with the Kucera family. When she isn’t working, ATKINS is a typical dog playing and doing fun dog things with the Kucera family and their other pets.
  • What about infection control? How can a dog be in a dental office?
    A dental office is a clean environment, not a sterile environment. An example of a sterile environment would be a hospital surgical setting. Patients in non-sterile settings enter the treatment area with germs on their clothes, on their skin and in their hair. When ATKINS assists with a patient, she is either on the patient’s lap, at the foot of the dental chair or on the floor near the patient, several feet from the patient’s mouth and sterile instruments being used.
  • What precautions have you put in place for patients that have a fear of dogs or have a dog allergy?
    Please let our front office team know of your concern and our team will make sure that your appointment takes place in a separate area of the office where our Facility Dog, ATKINS, is working.
‘‘Excellent staff! Goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and explains everything in detail. My family and I just relocated back to NC, and I would not entertain going anywhere but here for our dental needs!’’

- Heather L.

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Next-Level Health

Experience high-quality dental care with better accuracy and outcomes through modern technology. We offer:

  • Digital x-rays
  • CBCT scanner
  • Soft tissue laser
  • Invisalign®
  • Opalescence
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Comforts at Each Turn

Better peace of mind may be closer than you think at McNeely and Mallette Family Dental Group. We offer:

  • Online forms
  • Appt reminders
  • TVs, blankets, pillows
  • PPO participation
  • Insurance verification
  • CareCredit financing
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